Change bank account for zelle

My zelle account is signed on Bisq. I linked Bank X with it. Yesterday, I deactivated my zelle account with Bank X. I then linked my zelle account to Bank Y. I still use the same name and email address for Zelle. Do I have to start a new Zelle account in BISQ or use the current existing Zelle account in BISQ since the email and the name is the same?

You can continue to use your signed Zelle account with no changes.

The change of bank happens on the backend so would not effect the Bisq payment account.

Might be worth considering keeping an additional Zelle account with Bank X as a backup incase of any payment issues (I assume you can have 2 Zelle accounts registered to 2 emails?)

Hi Pazza, I only have 1 zelle account link to 1 email address.

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Ok, no problems. What you are suggesting will work for that account.