Change rate Venezuela

Dear support this project have good opportunity to replace localbitcoins providing a tools that is focus on the security and decentralization but in some country the change rate that you are applied are wrong in our country we have 3 kind of exchange rate that need to be take in consideration or avoid to limit the amount for a open trade that now is fix to 30% maximun

Yes I am aware of that issues which comes from the incorrect official exchange rate. I will try to deactivate it so there is none displayed and therefore no limits with price distance. To provide the real exchange rate would require some service which delivers that, which I am not aware of.

thanks for your fast answer

below the api develop by bitcoinvenezuela team that is the same that is use for localbitconis

the output is:


also the project details you can see below

please let me know how i can help you with this


Ah thanks! Are you developer? If so you could integrate it.
In package io.bisq.provider.price.providers int he provider module are examples of the providers we use. It would just require to add that and then merge the data to the collection which the clients receive (btc average should ignore venezuelan currency and that service should add it). I am too busy atm to do it myself but I will code up the ignoring of VEF.

Ignored for the next release: