Changes to Arbitration from 1st Jan 2023

Hi all,

For trades made from 1st Jan 2023 there will be some changes to the arbitration process.

All trades placed from 1st January 2023 will use a new trade protocol that is designed to further improve the decentralization of Bisq. The new protocol is a result of the proposal Distribute Burningman role to contributors who burned BSQ which was vote on in Bisq DAO cycle 41 with 100% approval.

The protocol change means trades placed from 1st January 2023 will have an important difference should the trade end in arbitration. This is as a result of the accepted proposal do not pay out the security deposit of the trade peer to the arbitration case winner.

What this means in practice is IF a trade ends in arbitration the arbitrator will only payout the trade amount plus one users security deposit. Previously they paid out the trade amount plus both user’s security deposits. Therefore, traders ending in arbitration will notice the following:

  • The arbitration ‘winner’ will not be compensated for the inconvenience caused by the trade going to arbitration.
  • The arbitration ‘loser’ will not be be refunded their deposit partially or in full.

This change is necessary for the security of the new protocol.

Remember arbitration should be seen as the last resort. All efforts should be made for trader to come to an agreement with themselves or via the mediator.

For more info see: Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki