Changing the Account paradigm/architecture

At present, in order to trade on Bisq we must create an account for the payment method we intend to use and fill in the identifiers required. For example, if I want to create an account for National Bank Transfer, I’ll need to provide the following identifiers:

  • Region
  • Country
  • Account owner full name
  • Bank name
  • Bank ID (BIC/SWIFT)
  • Branch no
  • Account no (IBAN)

*It changes slightly depending on the Region and Country but those are the most important ones.

The thing is, if I’m a BTC seller with that account and I create a offer to Sell BTC, only those with a National Bank Transfer account and in the same country can take that offer. Which is very limiting. In Europe, the identifiers mentioned above should allow me to receive fiat from the following payment methods:

  • Cash Deposit
  • National Bank Transfer
  • Sepa
  • Transfer with the same bank
  • Transfer with specific bank

It’d be great if with each offer we could advertise all payment methods we can accept. I believe this improvement could greatly reduce friction in the market. For example, Cash Deposit is a very safe payment method for those selling BTC and anybody with a bank account can receive cash deposits (nationally) and more important, even those without bank accounts can make cash deposits.

Each payment above has a different chargeback risk, proof requirement, trade limit and trade duration so they’d need to be kept in segregated accounts with segregated Account Age(s).

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@huey ,
It’s not clear for me if what you propose could be easily implemented in the appli.
And if it would not overload the UI for the users.
I suggest however that you make a proposal at so the devs can see it and comment.
(Devs are not coming in the forum so often).

This would be implemented as new Payment Method, albeit a more complex one and only for BTC sellers. And I could see it replacing all the following payment methods:

  • Cash Deposit
  • National Bank Transfer
  • Sepa
  • Sepa Instant
  • Transfer with the same bank
  • Transfer with specific bank

Or more appropriately. they’d be options inside this new Payment Method.

We’d fill in the identifiers and depending on the information provided certain payment methods would be unlocked.
Each identifier would be tagged with the payment methods they’re required in so that only the identifiers for the payment method selected by the buyer would be shared with them. Also, the trade amount should be taken into account to lock certain payment methods after their trade limit had been crossed. For example, for any trades over 0.125 BTC, SEPA wouldn’t be available.

From the buyer perspective, on the “BUY BTC” screen under the “Payment method” column they’d see “Several” instead of “Revolut” or “Sepa”. Only once the hovered over the word “Several” or clicked on the little “i” icon next to it they’d see the payment methods available. Once they’d click “TAKE OFFER TO BUY BTC” they’d be able to select from their payment methods, same as now.

@Homard I decided not to to create a proposal because according to the etiquette the creator of the proposal is responsible to carry it out and I don’t have the skills to do so.

PS: This is a request that has been proposed before and I’d hope it could be discussed here by developers and non-developers. I think allowing the same SEPA/NATIONAL BANK TRANSFER offers to also accept CASH DEPOSIT would greatly improve Bisq’s proposition. Most banks don’t require identification to deposit cash and a great deal of people looking to buy bitcoin are looking to do it in the most convenient and anonymous way possible, and CASH DEPOSIT isn’t the perfect solution but it’s close. And as I’ve said above it would allow even those without bank accounts to buy bitcoin.