Changing the payment account

Hi! Im in the middle of a transaction and when Ive tried to make the payment from my bank account that Ive registered in Bisq and that is in my local currency Ive got an error that the transaction cant be processed. Ive called to my bank customer service and I was told that according with the bank rules is not allowed to make a payment from an account that is in local currency to an account in European Union that is in Euro. And for this I have to open a new account in euro currency. And this is what Ive did and also Ive registered this new account in Bisq.

Now Id like to ask you how can I make the payment from my new account in euro in a safe way and accepted by everyone also by the seller? Ive tried to contact the seller in chat but so far no answer…

Using a correct payment account and making sure it’s valid is something traders should do before beginning a trade.
You should open mediation, try to get in contact for more personal support please go to

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