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bisq is awesome and zelle seems to be the choice of preference for many people…is there a way to make a suggestion to the developers? it would be excellent to be able to send a message to someone who is selling btc with zelle and say “user can take offer by cash in mail” or “bisq user can take offer…”

that way we dont get into the ability of writing custom messages but still able to make a transaction offer that someone selling can see AND decide if they are willing to accept…this would be excellent!!!

You can ask through the trading chat if they’re interested in other offers, but take care because it could be interpreted as you’re trying to scam your peer. I would start by making a question like " are you willing to trade other amounts/other payment methods at Bisq?"
Some traders have done this successfully.
Another option is to create a chat room for this offers, a trollbox to test the market. I’ve been wondering about creating it for long, at this time the most similar outputs have been the buy-btc and buy-bsq keybase channels, but they are highly limited.

what trading chat are you referring to? if you are talking about after they have already accepted the offer and are in communication then this is not what i am talking about.

if a seller of BTC has an offer to sell with zelle then an option to send them a message at that point in the cycle would be new and beneficial so that offers that are sitting on the market for many hours can be executed much quicker.

your suggestion would work great at the “buy btc” screen and i dont see much value at the “open trades” screen as that option already exists…

Are you suggesting the ability to send traders a message before taking an offer? If so it was discussed here: Allowing Chats with Traders before taking offer [Closed] · Discussion #5177 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

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the suggestion i am making would simply solve the issue of sending someone an automated message so that the option to low ball does not exist as that would be very annoying. a simple pre written message such as “hey i could accept your offer if you could do it “mail by cash” instead of zelle”

that way people can see how much interest there is in other avenues of funding. otherwise, i totally think being able to chat endlessly is very annoying

I think different payment methods might have different deviations from market price.

For example a user might have a different rate for selling via Revolut than SEPA.

In the example you provide I would think the best think to do would be to create an offer looking for a specific purchase.

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the most common method of payment is Zelle, and anyone who would want to transact with someone using zelle would only send them “cash by mail” offer…

the reason a huge percentage of “zelle” sellers are not doing cash by mail is because they havent even thought about it, or the thought of mailing cash scares people but the fear is irrational and nonsense as cash by mail is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY efficient and successful.

a simple opportunity to offer zelle sellers a transaction in “cash by mail” terms is a solution for them to consider something new that they wouldnt otherwise have even thought of

Cash by mail has only recently been added. If you would like to do a post here about the benefits of cash by mail that would be great. It would be good to get more people using this payment method.

yes but again the issue is with the software because users should be able to at least have the ability to put up 1 purchase offers with 2 payments types…for example, zelle and cash by mail…

I agree. Check out my proposal here:

Proposal to increase liquidity on Bisq by allowing each offer to have multiple payment methods and currencies associated with it