Chaucha (CHA) in Bisq

Chaucha (CHA) in Bisq.

Last year in Chile the Chaucha Educational Project was developed, which was very well received by the community.

Due to how far and isolated our country is, access to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethers and others is quite difficult.

If we add that Banking has acted like a real cartel, closing its doors to the main exchanges of national cryptocurrencies, thus prohibiting the entry of Chilean pesos into the crypto-market, further complicating the situation.

It is for this reason that we need more options to access this and other cryptoactives in an easier, simpler and safer way.

Therefore, I wanted to ask Bisq administrators and developers to incorporate CHA into your software.

If Chaucha were incorporated into your platform, we would have more access to the different cryptocurrencies that currently exist in the market.

In addition, the most important thing is that we would not need the Corrupta Nacional Banca for our exchanges

What is the Chaucha Project?


An organization focused on designing and implementing software tools that help the adoption and education of people towards Blockchain technology.

The purpose of the Chaucha Project is to allow new users of cryptocurrencies to learn about the operation of the systems from a practical exercise, using the tools and documentation generated by the members of the organization.

Chaucha was the first creation by the Chaucha Project, and was designed to fulfill the function of “cryptocurrency example” as a guide to the future development of the organization.

Technical specifications

Based on Litecoin source code 0.13
Creation of 1 block per minute
1.5 CHA reward per block
Maximum limit of 10,800,000 CHA

You can read this for instructions and requirements of adding an altcoin to Bisq

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