China ban goods news!

An extraordinary opportunity for Bisq. Local BTC trade will be banned. We need a marketing campaign in China!

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Unfortunately we had trouble with Tor in China, since they banned it and the bridges didn’t work apparently.
Maybe we should look into those bridges again until we find a solution. Maybe it works now.

Surely it is not possible to completely ban Tor. I hope you solve it, it is an obvious and indispensable market, surely there are a lot of activists and hackers out there, who know how to fix that.

If you have a way, I would like to know, thank you

It is not so sure if it will work. Might work for a certain time but then they might discover it and block it. They use machine learning and have 40k people employed for the GFW. Though we will try to see if we can manage to get it working. But I would not expect too much.

Beside that there are other obstacles:
We need to have the decentralized arbitration system in place - otherwise we cannot let people we trust 100% become arbitrator. many chinese are very bad with english, so we need chinese arbitrators.
The decentralized arbitration system is based on the DAO and requires the full DAO verison (phase 3).

  • Translation for chinese is not done. But even if done it will require a lot of UI work to fix broken layouts with longer strings.
  • We need to build up a community there. We need some local partners for that. Community building takes time. We are not a company and just pouring money into it to get quickly PR will not be what we can/want do.

So I fear that will all take min. half a year more until we have the basics ready to get there.

It seems that there are more countries willing to block Tor. There has also been talk in France about the possible ban.

The corepeople of Tor have to look for a response, so that information can flow freely around the world.

Luckily banning Tor is pretty hard and beside China I think no other country has capacity to really block it.

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Hey Manfred, shadowsocks works in China, is it possible to make an implementation for Bisq?

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I don’t know that. First I would try out the pluggable transports. That would not require too much effort/change…

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