China bans exchanges - what will happen to all the Chinese coins and accounts?

Hi Bisq support,

I have an issue I need advice and help on. Since China has banned all crypto exchanges, many Chinese based crypto investors have no idea what to do with their coins. Their only option is to exchange their coins back into Yuan before the exchanges definitely close, but they risk making a loss doing that.
We are all wondering what will happen to all the China based alt coins once the exchanges close. Where will they be listed? They would have to be listed on an exchange that is not China based - how about Bisq?
What is Bisq’s opinion and stance on being the platform that becomes the new home for all these government rejected exchanges’ coins? Please assist on this matter, many Chinese people right now are very impatient about next steps since the ban.

Thank you.

I notice Bisq currently does not list RMB or Yuan to buy and sell bitcoin. Would Bisq consider adding Yuan currency and users offering Yuan for Bitcoin? This would solve China’s crypto exchange crisis in one small manner.

Bisq supports ALL fiat currencies. Look closer @cbai1993

There are just no offer in Yuan but people can use it. In the setting you can edit which currencies you see in the currency list. In the historical data (charts) you only see those listed which have been traded. Yuan has been traded but it was probably all my own for testing purpose. I think there have not been real trades so far.

Bisq can be used anywhere but because Tor is blocked in China it requires a bit of technical skills to get over that. Some users managed to get over it but it is not that easy. Another aspect is that we still have not the open, decentralized arbitration system and therefore we cannot support Chinese arbitrators. So only English speaking traders can use it. Similar to that we don’t have a Chinese language support yet.
All that said, we are definitely interested that Bisq will be used in China, but it will take a bit more time until we are ready for that to support not-so-technical users as well.


hi , i’m in china , bisq is good , but i can not using it in china , i have try openvpn , but it’s not stable , the GFW also can block it , it’s not so easy to chinese to using vpn , and the gov would concat you if you using vpn which not regsiterd , so vpn is not the way to solve this problem , i have try a encrypt tunnel ,with squid , is stable , so if someone can make the bisq can edit the torrc file would be good to solve this problem , i’m using proxy , i’m using tor or google , youtube with this encrypted tunnel proxy is stable as so far , i just need to edit the torrc file using http or https proxy would be good to work , so ,any one can help me , thanks a lot ! by the way , send me mail would be good , hrylee . thanks !!