Circular instructions on new bisq setup

Setting up a brand new bisq account, I first clicked on WALLET PASSWORD, entered and confirmed a new pw, and clicked SET PASSWORD. I then get a pop-up “highly recommending” to make a backup of the application dir and write down seed words “before setting a password”. My options in this dialog box are GO TO “ACCOUNT.WALLET SEED”, “I HAVE ALREADY DONE A BACKUP”, and “CLOSE”. So I perform a backup first but then if I try to set a wallet password, I get the above “write down seed words before setting a password” so i click "GO TO ACCOUNT WALLET/SEED but it warns “You have not setup a wallet password which would protect the display of the seed words”. So catch 22. What is the proper way to do this?

I would write down the seed words first and then set a wallet password.
But either way you should do both, I don’t think the order matters.