Claim BCH using built-in Bitsquare HD wallet phrase

Hello, please advise how the built-in HD wallet can be restored in another SW wallet in order to claim bitcoin cash belonging to the HD wallet seed. Electrum wallet is asking for some BIP44 index after inserting the BIP39 12-word seed found within Bitsquare but then shows completely different addresses than Bisq. does (for wallet index 0).

Thank you in advance!

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Click alt+j and deactivate wallet password, then you see a popup where you can see all private keys. You can import those where you have BTC on…

Here is some more step by step info on another thread of the forum

Im guessing Electron Cash wallet is probably the easiest.

Thank you…
Prompt support and great community!
I actually found the thread above but stopped reading at Manfred’s “I could add such a feature but…” :slight_smile:

Anyway, BCH claimed with success using the private keys within the mobile wallet Coinomi - steps:

  • Bitsquare - remove password and hit ALT+J to get the private keys for your wallet
  • unclutter private keys and use a wallet to convert them into QR code (Electrum)
  • scan this QR code(s) from the Coinomi BCH wallet (menu > sweep wallet)