Clarification regarding placing sale and purchase orders


I want to BUY bitcoin from people in Mexico for MXN, and I will pay sellers using SPEI (not WIRE), do I select NATIONAL BANK TRANSFER option?

If I want to pay using CASH DEPOSIT, I have only 5 banks in my area to choose from… what happens if the seller is using a different bank?

I would like to SELL bitcoin to people in the US for USD, and I will pay using CASH DEPOSIT. What happens if their bank does not allow me to make a deposit?

The Bisq GUI is extremely confusing. Wouldn’t it behoove users if there was some simple wording in the GUI, such as;

This user has x bitcoin to sell at x price… did you want to buy?
This user wants to buy bitcoin for x price… did you want to sell to this user?


The YT channel is here :

In the PORTFOLIO view it shows offer type as BUY BTC, but when I switch to BUY BTC view, it does not show my offer (in MXN, USD, or otherwise). But when I click to SELL BTC view, it shows my offer. this does not make sense to me.

Shouldn’t my offer to BUY bitcoin from other people show up in the BUY BTC view? At the moment it is showing up in the SELL BTC view (under MXN).


I am not sure about the payment methods, but you should select whichever payment method that you think other traders would pick in such a scenario. If selecting national bank transfer makes most sense to you, then I assume it would hopefully make sense to other mexican traders as well that are interested in your offer.

As for cash deposits, you should create a cash deposit account in Bisq. There it should show to other traders which bank you are using as well as country of origin, I believe. Worst case scenario you will need to explain your situation to the arbitrator and I am sure he will understand.

There was always discussions about the GUI, I guess it is quite subjective.
I noticed that whenever you buy BTC the button that will take you to it is orange and if you are getting rid of BTC it will be blue. So if it helps, when you think of acquiring bitcoins, just think of the colour of Bitcoin logo and it will get you to it.

The BUY and SELL is always from the perspective of the user. So if you create an offer for BUYING BTC your peers will sell BTC so they should see your offer in the SELL screen. I know that is a bit confusing but its just that your offer is mirrored for the peer (your BUY is the peers SELL).

Can you provide more information regarding SPEI?