ClearXchange and $2500 daily limit

Something I just ran across on Bank of America, there is a $2500 maximum daily transfer for clearxchange. Keep this mind as the BTC price goes up. At some point it won’t be possible to purchase without multiple clearxchange transactions over multiple days.


Thanks :slight_smile: I was just checking the other day, each bank had a different limit, Chase limits you to 2,000$ a transaction. But the next version of Bitsquare will limit trades to 0.5btc so with god’s will that will be less than 2,500$ :wink:

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I see clearxchange offers for 1 BTC at $2800. Is there any clearxchange bank that will allow such a transaction? It seems to me no one can take such an offer on bitsquare. Should we split the payment across multiple days?

I guess so. The thing is the person on the other side might not be aware of the limit and open a dispute.