clearXchange issues with Wells Fargo banks

The clearXchange website can only send to a few banks. Attached is the error that someone trying to send to my Wells Fargo bank got.

Provide details for someone you’d like to send money to. At this time, recipients must be registered customers with Bank of America, Chase or U.S. Bank. If the recipient is not eligible, we’ll let you know. More details

Sorry, at this time, this recipient’s bank does not enable it’s customers to receive person-to-person payments from the clearXchange service. You can add a different recipient or select Cancel to return to the prior screen.

Perhaps the sellers bank can be added to the clearXchange account so that incompatibilities can be filtered out automatically. For the time being, I have just been trading with people that I know will not use the clearXchange website.

That’s a weird datapoint, Wells Fargo is one of the member banks that founded clearXchange. According to this article they turned on the service (or only to some customers?) on Aug 1st? BusinessWire article

I’m not sure about the details. Some people can send me money through my Wells Fargo registered email and some cannot. I assume it is an incompatibility with the clearXchange website but maybe it is something else.

Hmm, I’m wondering what’s up with using the clearXchange website, I actually didn’t even know you could do that, I use my bank’s regular web site.