Client Problems after update 1.3.5 to 1.3.6

After updating the bisq client on the 17., i started experiencing some problems til today on the 19. the whole market gone empty. My Portfolio missing seven open trades which are already paid via SEPA.

First, after the update, i had to restart the client, for some actions (payment confirmations) to take effect, as of no reaction of the client. One time the client wanted me to confirm the payment multiple time as the message wont get trough, only after restarting the client the payment confirmation was already set. And some other problems with accepting the trades.

Unfortunate, i was somewhat careless and didn’t backed up before i removed the VM so i can`t provide the logs. In the logs there were something wrong with the data send from the peers, don’t remember the exact warning. Before removing the VM, i reinstalled the client but the Problem persisted with the new account.
After resetting the VM and restoring the backup (before the update), the client seem to work with some funky stuff first (i had to confirm some older trades; the funds to stay in the bisq wallet and one trade, “as paid” and immidiatly after “the fund to stay in the wallet”). Now i had to realize that the open trades are not synchronized via the network. How stupid is that! The transactions in the wallet are shown as “withdrawn form wallet” and not anymore as “multisig-payment”. And there are no more closed deposits.

So, is what i realized right or is my installation further broken and how to recover?

Hey, so you should NEVER upgrade versions with active/open trades. It leads to these types of issues.
Especially without a backup. The Bisq network is very sensitive to connection issues/interruptions during the trading phase.

At this point you’d have to identify which trades are working fine and which are NOT. The ones which are not you should find out the mediators onion address and reachout to them via Keybase using this wiki

You can explain to them what’s happened so that they can move the trade forward.


Hey, thanks.

but how to identify the open trades as in my case they don’t listed anymore, because of the older backup. The only information i had were the transactions ids.

As of now all the open trade funds are in, so the Problem solved itself.

But today on the confirmation process of the fiat transmission, started the Problem to reappear again. The confirmation didn’t go trough. This is the Warning from the logs (the same as the first time);

WARN b.n.p.s.P2PDataStorage: We received an expired protectedStorageEntry from peer

Then i changed the Timezone on my System and now the logs showing;

INFO b.c.d.m.DaoStateMonitoringService: Conflict with non-seed nodes: We received a block hash from peer which conflicts with our block hash.

Two other payment confirmation after the restart of the bisq app had the same problem but the last one were OK and from peer confirmed. In the logs i keep getting the info about the conflicts.

Okay, i think a fresh install would be wise, that or at least and SPV re-sync and a DAO chain resync.

It seems a lot of things got buggered up when changing versions. Do you still have open trades that have yet to be resolved? Missing funds?

After changing the Timezone yesterday the warning is gone but the info message persists. The payment confirmations are now resolved and working without problem.

There is the DAO Status message in the GUI of the app that says;

One of your peers is not in consensus with the network, but your node is in sync with the seed nodes.

i think it is directly correlated with the INFO message in the logs. If someone can explain, the meaning of the “DAO Status” and why there are always 2-4 peer conflicts in the “DAO Status Hashs”

Hmm, i’ve seen that before. I think it’s fine. have you restarted the client since?

Looking for similar reports of that message.