Closed Bisq Application & Lost Open Trade

After accepting a trade and continuing to payment confirmation, I noticed my firewall was interfering with the Bisq software and my internet connection broke, so I decided to reboot the Bisq application. After rebooting the app, there was no trade to be seen. There is also no BTC locked up in a trade, even though I have had to locked some up for the trade, naturally. I used the funds inside Bisq for that.

I was going to pay, but I don’t have the sellers bank account information and also don’t know, if the trade is now nullified somehow. How can I trace back or retrieve the trade to be able to confirm the payment?

I opened a support ticket with ALT+O, but then again there is no open support ticket showing up in the support tab.
I cannot see any trace of an open trade, failed or pending.
I have updated Bisq to the newest version available.

I think I’ve found the sellers onion adress: qsyovjxjcwlh63go.onion:9999
And here are his accepted arbitrators: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999, 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion:9999

Maybe this helps. Thank you.

Currently Bisq only has 2 arbitrators so that last bit isn’t very helpful unfortunately.

If your BTC isn’t locked up in a trade, then trade never really initiated and there is no risk of losing any funds to either party. I guess you could simply go along your day as if nothing happened, but in case you are worried about your funds, you can try withdrawing them from Bisq and creating a new Bisq data directory that will create a new wallet and everything so you can start from scratch.

Thank you for your reply.
I am worried, that funds got locked up and now aren’t being shown, but also I am worried for the seller to be sitting in this opened trade, waiting for payment. Can anyone of the arbitrators maybe contact the seller or look up the trade and where all the funds went?

I am asking, because the trade was definitively already accepted and funds got locked up.

I found these two transactions in my transaction history.

here are the links to the two: Bitcoin transaction d479b2fc84b2a3c9fda4f033918f9abda9854d9403f63a2a4d41735a077354d7
Bitcoin transaction c08ff3d56543061691b77f48d3975a885f7d477057be93e39b8bbf3648481f1a

Will the funds come back, when the trade expires or will they be lost?

It is hard to determine who is the arbitrator for this trade, since you don’t know the trade ID.
The other parties funds are locked as well though, if your’s are, so we can at least hope that the other trader sees the trade and is able to open a dispute with it, otherwise I am not sure what we could do here.

Maybe @ManfredKarrer has some idea?

Hm, very weird. Seems that after your firewall change you connected to a different or older version of the data directory (before you did the trade).
Do a spv file resync so you can be sure that your wallet is up to date. If the funds are as expected I would withdraw ti to an external wallet and start over again with a new data directory.
If you see that the funds for the trade are really withdrawn (looks already in the screenshot) we need to ping the arbitrators here so that they don’t take away your security deposit. Do you have any data of the trade (trade ID, selected arbitrator)?
At least the tx ID is there so that can help that the arbitrators identify your trade.

@keo, @cbeams Can you please check for that case. See tx IDs above…

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The tx IDs provided above are part of a trade where @keo was the selected arbitrator. All transactions are in place, including the deposit tx, and there has been no payout tx as yet. This means that, if no other solution works, it will be possible to do a manual payout per the instructions at

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thanks for the help again. I am pretty sure, that it was exactly because of what Manfred said. I updated the software, while my firewall was containing bisq and I realized it only after accepting the trade. That was surely the problem and is also on me.

Unfortunately I don’t have any other trade data. The tx ID and the makers onion number is the only thing I could find out.
I also just resynced my SPV, but the order is still missing.

I am happy to take that trade, if there is any possibility to retrieve. I also just opened another trade with the same seller. Maybe there is a way to communicate with him through this means?

If there is no way I can pay my missing trade, I am also willing to go through the steps for a manual payout with @keo.

Please tell me, what you need from me and how we will go on from here and I will act as soon as I’m back home later.

Thank you very much!

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@keo is travlling the next days so aplogize for delay. He said he did not had a case with that tx. So we need to wait for the peer to get in touch. maybe he will read it here but likely no, then he will open a dispute at some point and then he can do the payout and you should receive the funds. the fiat transfer could be still done but probably easier to just make a new trade, as otherwise communication will become complicate…

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Thank you, that is what I am going to do. Good Luck with your work. And sorry for the inconvenience.