Coin split service for bitcoin forks

This service will split your coins in the case of a bitcoin fork (BIP148, segwit2x, etc).

The fast lane:

Send a tx to my address: 1MetabitMKKGcYZy8YieDHenjjoMxHNAgW
Get transactions back (using the tx output you sent) to your original address, on each of the forks, with 98% of the original amount you’ve sent, minus mining fees.
If fork doesn’t happen until Aug 31st 2017 - get you coins back, minus mining fees.

The trust-less lane:

Publish your bitcoin address (for which you hold a private key and it holds the funds you want to split) on this forum thread.
Optionally supply on the forum also new addresses for the splited coins.
I will respond on the forum after the fork with tx for each fork, containing a signed input of mine from that fork, and your input unsigned.
The output you get is the output you sent minus 2% that I take, minus mining fees.
Verify each of the tx using
Sign your input using (can be done offline).
Publish the tx you want (e.g. on or some other block explorer that follows the desired chain).

How does it work?

Right on 1st August, I will generate a set of outputs which exist uniquely on a single side of the forks, using a RBF+double spend method (publish tx, and after it gets confirmed on one fork, bump fee and publish again, and do that multiple times until I get two different tx that spend the same output).
These outputs will be included in the tx sent to you. When a tx includes one of these outputs as an input, it can confirm only on the chain of that output. The final generation of the tx including your outputs is done by some scripting I have prepared, but is a manual procedure for each tx.

The split procedure can be done already after fork of 2 blocks length (less is not clear if it gets orphaned and that’s it). I would feel confident to start distributing it already after length of 4-5 confirmations on each side of the fork (with probably more confirmations on the stronger side). My response may be delayed if I just sleep or busy at the exact fork moment.
If there is a reorg - no one lost anything, and we can try the procedure on the next fork (limited by Aug 31st 2017 - where all get their coins back).

As for trading - If there is already a chain of ~12 blocks on each of the forks since the split, I consider it (and probably also bisq arbitrator) a successful fork. Otherwise, funds return to traders.

Additional conditions:

If you use less than 0.5 BTC, I take a flat fee of 0.01 BTC (not including mining fees).
From now on, during the whole 2017, any tx to my address is considered as a request to split the coin under these terms.
In the fast lane - you are allowed to send coins also before August 1st, and once the split occurs, you will get the two tx as expected.
If the split doesn’t happen until 31st August, you will get your original coin back (minus mining fees).
In the trust-less lane - If you don’t publish the tx within 2 hours from the time it appears on the forum, I may re-use my own utxo for the next transaction, and you would have to start the procedure again (as the old tx will never confirm then).

Is it safe?

If you take the trust-less lane - no doubt. It is provably safe - as long as you don’t sign the tx and publish it yourself, nothing happens.
If you take the fast lane - here I can offer my reputation which is attached to my address, and the whole service is fully transparent on the blockchain.
Hereby, I give the permission to confiscate all my BSQ holdings if this service is found to be a scam.
Also - you can simply wait and see others use it before you and follow the results on both block explorers, but you might miss the first cross fork trades.

More reputation details:

Involved in bitsqaure/bisq development since May 2016.

July 6th 2017, block 474486, 0000000000000000009fbbbd9530f0c9560a03a998c44e1641e1592e19a13efc

signed plain text on