CoinMarketCap price vs Last Bisq Trade

I’m trying to work with a few others to jump start the Unobtanium market on Bisq.

The last UNO trade on Bisq was a while ago, but it is still the price that Bisq prefers. Unfortunately it’s way off.

Is there any way I can set a preference in my order to use the CMC price for Unobtanium?

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I have never traded that coin, but you should be able to put in any custom amount of money that you want to pay / receive for one of that coin.
In Bisq, you can switch between %-based (which seems to be off in your case), but which in higher volume coins means you can have your offer “change” with the market, e.g. always being a little cheaper than market price.
Or you can have just a “hardcoded” amount in $ / BTC / whatever your base currency is.
Hope it helped!

Could the developers please consider adding %-based to Unobtanium in a future update?

Hey everyone.
We’ve been talking up Bisq on the Unobtanium group on Telegram,

Bisq fits squarely in the decentralized direction the UNO community wants to go.

First trade in a while happened today.

We’re still very interested in getting Coinmarketcap average price for UNO on bisq, rather than fixed price.

Please consider adding market pricing for Unobtanium. Thanks for a great exchange.

Devs are quite busy with DAO implementation and I am not sure that we want to spend dev resources on these things too much.

I don’t think I understand what is the real problem here. You can set whatever price for your offer that you want. Simply place an offer at the market price of the Coinmarketcap if you wish.

If the trading fee is the problem, because it depends on the distance from market price. You should only have that problem for the first trade before the price is adjusted, since Bisq will set the price of the last trade as it’s market price. If that first fee is the problem, just make a minimum trade amount so you get the smallest fee possible and then you can take your own trade with a different Bisq account.

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Yes, I know I can set the price to whatever I want.

But I want to base my orders on the current market price. The problem is that if the market price drops, there is a cost to me to cancel the order and then another cost to me to create a new order. Besides, I don’t want to sit there all day watching the market price on other exchanges just so I can react on Bisq.

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You are right, sorry. Completely forgot about that aspect.

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You put the finger on an issue that concerns not only unobtanium. Thanks.
If you can do that, I suggest that you open an issue about this problem on the github :

I’m not sure if this problem can be solved easily, but at least it will be a reminder.

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Isn’t there an option to change the price even without canceling the order?

There is, but I think it is still quite inconvenient.

Thank you to whoever added CMC dynamic pricing to UNO! Much appreciated. Buy/sell orders have improved for Unobtanium since it was added.

There will be some incentive offers to spur trading in the Unobtanium market on Bisq. Add the Uno market to your Bisq dashboard. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Thanks again!

So CoinMarketkCap pricing was working just fine for UNO, but now it’s gone. It’s just not there as an option any longer.

I’m wondering why, since it was helping to bring orders to the market.

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