CoinMarketCap price vs Last Bisq Trade


I’m trying to work with a few others to jump start the Unobtanium market on Bisq.

The last UNO trade on Bisq was a while ago, but it is still the price that Bisq prefers. Unfortunately it’s way off.

Is there any way I can set a preference in my order to use the CMC price for Unobtanium?


I have never traded that coin, but you should be able to put in any custom amount of money that you want to pay / receive for one of that coin.
In Bisq, you can switch between %-based (which seems to be off in your case), but which in higher volume coins means you can have your offer “change” with the market, e.g. always being a little cheaper than market price.
Or you can have just a “hardcoded” amount in $ / BTC / whatever your base currency is.
Hope it helped!


Could the developers please consider adding %-based to Unobtanium in a future update?