Complete Transaction with Zelle

I’m attempting to accept an offer so I can by BTC using the Zelle payment system. I’m very familiar with Zelle and use it with my online banking system.

However, I’m simply unclear how to use it with a Bisq offer requesting Zelle payment. It would helo me and a lot of others enormously to have a video showing how to do this.


Bisq doesn’t deal with fiat directly, it only shows you the other peer’s bank account information so you know where to send your funds.
Bisq only deals with the bitcoin side of the trade by locking it and out of multisig addresses.

You can watch tutorials on Bisq’s youtube channel, even though they are a bit outdated by now. Here is one of the examples of using Bisq to buy BTC with USD.

The other side of the trade you deal with as any other Zelle payment, by sending the funds to the other peer directly.

Could you possibly meet me on skype or zoom so I can learn the exact steps to completing transaction with Zelle? This will only take a few minutes and will allow me to become a long term participant and refer many people to your site.

@lifecrafting this guide shows you the exact process step-by-step:

Sorry, I try to avoid using closed source applications.
You can never trust them.