Computer desktop keeps freezing a couple of hours after I start Bisq

Computer desktop keeps freezing a couple of hours after I start Bisq.

I tried Ctrl + Alt + * and Ctrl + Alt + [F1-F6] but the computer does not respond to any of these.

I have to press the power button to reboot.

I would like to understand how I can troubleshoot to figure why the computer desktop freezes, and what’s going on with Bisq. Maybe someone can tell me which file or log I should check to understand why my computer desktop is freezing after some time when Bisq is running?

Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated.

I use this computer for hours - without running Bisq. The computer does not freeze when Bisq is not running.

The computer runs Bisq v1.9.5.

Hi @cks thanks for the post.

Can you contact me on Matrix so I can request your logs to see why your Bisq is freezing?

My username on Matrix is:

Matrix is what Bisq often users for support: Matrix - Bisq Wiki

Hi Pazza,
Thanks. I will get in touch with log next time the computer desktop freeze (while Bisq is running). Although I have to say, coincidentally, Bisq has been running for two or three days non-stop causing no issue; the computer desktop has not frozen.
I will be in touch if it does.

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Hi Pazza,
Computer desktop froze again.
Can you please tell me which log shall I look at?

You can access your logs in the data directory:



Look for the most recent log and see if there are any errors around the time of the crash.

Also you mention your computer desktop froze so might not be a specific issue with Bisq?

One thing that could cause Bisq to freeze and crash the desktop is a memory issue. Bisq can use quite a bit of RAM.

If you want to send me the logs to look at contact me on Matrix, details above.

I was able to fix this issue by adding the following options to %AppData%\Local\Bisq\app\Bisq.cfg


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