Computer stalling when connecting to bitcoin mainnet?

Every time I try to open Bisq the tor node is created but as it is connecting the bitcoin mainnet my computer stalls… any suggestions as how I can bypass this as I would love to trade on bisq

Do you have a bitcoin node running on your computer ?
Which bisq version do you use ?
What is your OS ?

No I am not running a node on my computer. I believe it is 1.1.2. MacOS High sierra verzion 10.13.6.

In order to help to diagnose what happens, you should look at the concerned logfile part when the issue happens. All the logfile lines are timestamped.
You can post the concerned part here, or open an issue in the github and upload it.

Are you running a VPN?

I had an issue where Bisq will freeze if I start it while connected to a VPN.