Confirm payment fails v.0.5.3

I am trying to finalize a trade, however, selecting “confirm payment receipt” is stuck with "sending confirmation …"
The logs show:
[JavaFX Application Thread] WARN i.b.c.t.p.SellerAsTakerProtocol: onFiatPaymentReceived called twice. That should not happen. state=SELLER_CONFIRMED_IN_UI_FIAT_PAYMENT_RECEIPT

I restarted multiple times and tried with my own bitcoind and without.
How can I debug this best?

PS: This sounds similar but wasn’t helpful:

thanks for reporting and investigating!
i just worked on that today and found the issue and fixed it for the next release (not committed yet).
for now the easiest thing to do is to open a dispute with cmd+o and refer to that posting in the arbitration chat. the arbitrator will then do the payout and close the case. security deposit goes back to both traders.

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Great, thanks for the swift reply!
PS: I’d also be happy to test the less easy solution.