Confirm payment receipt button greyed out

My trade is completed but I am unable to press the “Confirm payment receipt” button since its greyed out.

Could you please advise on how I should continue?

Offer ID: ECWFT-8b924c10-f02d-4f00-8582-09006b0aaac2-080


Open a dispute with cmd+o and tell the arbitrator that you received the payment for your BTC, but that you can not click the button.

Seems you have opened a support ticked already

Yes I opened a ticket since I could not proceed in the trade.

A description of what happened before I opened the support:

  1. I clicked the “Confirm payment receipt” button before it was greyed out
  2. Some kind of error popped up
  3. The “Confirm payment receipt” button became permanently greyed out up till now

Can you PM me the log file (account/backup -> button to open log) so i can see what kind of error occurred.
After opening a dispute/support ticket the button is deacivated and the payout will be done via the arbitrator.

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