Confirm Payment Receive -> Completed

I got a warning that said something about the time being halfway over, and that if the remaining time elapsed without the trade being completed a dispute would be filed.

Is there anything else I need to do? I have confirmed that the fiat money has arrived in my account. At this point I believe I’m just waiting on the other person to confirm. Is that correct?

No more action from your side is needed. Your assumption is correct. If I recall correctly that last step is dropped for the next version because it’s not necessary.

I am the other party to this tx, and this is what the client shows me:

There is no option to do anything but wait. I assume the tx can be settled through arbitration, but this seems like a Bitsquare hick-up to me.

So it is a bug or caused by a network condition (user closed quickly after message was sent).
You can open a dispute with cmd+o and i will do the payout then.
in the next version the trade protocol is changed so that extra step is not there anymore.

Hi Manfred,

I opened the dispute so that you can do the payout. Thanks!


I’m sorry I waited so long to bring this up. The payment was received days ago. I thought everything was working correctly and you just hadn’t accepted yet. Thanks!

No worries. I opened a ticket too, so lets hope this can be resolved soon.

please confirm in the app chat, then i will close…