Confirmed deposits but not available for trading

I have 2 deposit transactions into bisq that are confirmed but are not available to me for trading. When i go to Account-Wallet info tab is says wallet balance is 0.37~btc but the available balance(top right corner) is only 0.058~. I am somehow missing 0.3btc that is there, but still not? I have tried to delete SPV and resync like 10 times but no luck. Anyone having the same problem or the solution?


Are you able to open mediation for this trades with ctrl+O? It might be worth to reach out to Keybase so you can share personal details like txid’s.

My bad, it’s not trades with other people. It’s just btc that i have sent to bisq from another wallet wich i cannot use in anyway~
I will try the keybase thingy, thanks