Confused and lost with regards to deposits

I am trying to purchase BTC.

I tried to make a deposit payment.
I have no idea what’s going on.

Transaction ID from my wallet to make the deposit:

My transactions CSV:

Open trades:
Top right corner reads that I have 0.025575 BTC locked.

Did you take a trade offer? If you took a trade offer, then the deposit was mostly likely the fees and the deposit transaction. It will stay locked until the trade is complete.

Here are a few links that may help!

hi! Yes I took the offer but the open trades screen says that the transaction has been seen by 0.

Well that deposit transaction has gone through. Which transaction are you referring to?

Also you may want to remove the Transaction ID since it’s private info and shouldn’t be posted on a public forum :slight_smile:

Feel free to DM me a screenshot of the trade window