Connecting to the Bisq network failed (LINUX TAILS)

Hi, I install at Linux Tails (Debian) the package “Bisq-64bit-1.2.3.deb” successfully.
But when i start the app show me a window with the below error:

“Connecting to the Bisq network failed (reported error: java .io.IOException: Connection refused (Connection refused)). Please check your internet connection or try to restart the application. Bootstrapping to Bisq network failed”.

Also i run it from the terminal of Tails /opt/Bisq/Bisq and the terminal show me the below error:

“[NetworkNode-9999] ERROR Tor node creation failed: Connection refused (Connection refused)”

“JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR onSetupFailed”

At my win10 work very good. But at Linux Tails cannot open.
Someone who had same issue ?

Tails runs off of a live img on a usb stick I believe.
Not ideal for running a program like Bisq. Last time I checked, someone on github was able to figure out a few commands to get it to work on tails.
I repeated the general steps they did, and with a little tweaking of the commands, got Bisq to work.
Although, tails instantly started working at crawling speeds, and then crashed.

And dont forget, Tails is amnesiac, it deletes everything outside of a persistent file, so if you’re not careful your account (and the program itself) could get wiped when rebooting

Bisq already runs over the Tor network by default… in my opinion, that should be good enough instead of potentially opening a vulnerability to your Tails OS when altering the system to support Bisq.

If you’re really worried and driven to protect your digital identity and privacy, use Qubes w/whonix

Tails on USB has the ability to store USER data volume under a login/password. You can install applications and save data as long as you store to the correct directories. This gives you the option to have permanent email account setups, Bitmessage, and other applications self contained or not running.
Bisq would definitely be interesting, I think I am inspired to attempt it.