Connecting to the Bisq network failed (LINUX TAILS)

Hi, I install at Linux Tails (Debian) the package “Bisq-64bit-1.2.3.deb” successfully.
But when i start the app show me a window with the below error:

“Connecting to the Bisq network failed (reported error: java .io.IOException: Connection refused (Connection refused)). Please check your internet connection or try to restart the application. Bootstrapping to Bisq network failed”.

Also i run it from the terminal of Tails /opt/Bisq/Bisq and the terminal show me the below error:

“[NetworkNode-9999] ERROR Tor node creation failed: Connection refused (Connection refused)”

“JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR onSetupFailed”

At my win10 work very good. But at Linux Tails cannot open.
Someone who had same issue ?