Contraseña no me la reconoce

Tengo problemas para actuar con Bisq ya llevo varios intentos de configurar el programa pero no hay manera menos mal que no he metido pasta.
El programa me da la semilla la copio en un papel con la fecha y luego repito la contraseña las 2 veces que te pide y hago el backup.
Pero al intentar acceder siempre me da contraseña invalida,bueno solo una vez me funcionó.
Siempre utilizando en varios ordenadores por probar.

key chain is already ecrypted y enviar para postear

De momento no lo veo muy accesible a ver si alguien me ayuda

He says he copies the seed and the date provided by the program, enter it twice and make the backup. But when trying to access, the program responds with invalid password. He says he only got access once. It does not provide more information, I do not know if anyone can help this user.

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Are you sure you have not caps lock etc…?

I will use the translator, as it turns out that after writing down my seed and date
I put a key and repeat it later backup but when I restart and ask me for a password
the password tells me it’s invalid, I’ve re-tested it twice more, and I’ve tried it again.
I always enter the same password myself.
I put a picture

Did you import the wallet seed from a old Bisq version (Bitsquare before version 0.5). If so that is not supported as the wallet format has changed. You need to use the old Bitsquare version to re-import the wallet if you have coins there. If you dont have funds and no trades/offers/disputes open just delete the data directory and start over new.

I haven’t used the old version, just the new one but without making any transaction, and I’ve done it several times in the new one, always creating several seed with the same password and so far I haven’t been able to change the password.
there was a bug.
But I already confirm you that recognizing the seed and date always get it, I fail in the password.