Create buy offer, wrong currency

Tried again all kind of combinations but could not reproduce. Can you observe very closely what you do exactly which leads to the bug?

We use cash deposit and the rest is alts.

We just click on the big buttons to Create offer to buy or sell with whatever.

Then we choose account we want. If it’s broken, it’s stuck as shown before.

How do we clear this protonbuffer that Christoph mentioned?
Maybe it is stuck in there somehow.

it’s protobuffer :

Thats just used for persistence. With the previous bug at edit offer there was a way to fix a wrongly set currency, but as I did not find a way how to reproduce your reported bug I dont know how to fix that.
One thing though u can do is if you create a new account with same banking data that you use the same “salt” value from the older account so you inherit the account age witness. Normally its get created randomly but you can copy paste an existing value. at account creation screen.

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Thank You @ManfredKarrer! That’s real helpful! We’ll just do that for now.

Maybe it will go away later, when our protonbuffer gets cleared somehow.

No that has nothing to do with protobuffer. thats just he dataformat we use for pesistence and network messages…

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