Create new Bisq Account

So a few months back I was dabbling in Bisq. One thing led to another and I removed the Bitcoin Core I had setup with Bisq. Removed Bisq from my computer. Today I redownloaded a brand new Bitcoin core, created a new wallet downpoaded a brand new Bisq setup file, installed Bisq and it is asking me for the previous install password. I no longer have it, not interested in it, had no bitcoin in it. So how do I get a new Bisq setup with my new Bitcoin core download?

Hi, all the user data is at a single folder. Data directory - Bisq Wiki
Rename or remove that folder. Switching to a new data directory - Bisq Wiki

I uninstalled Bisq, I downloaded a new instance of bitcoin core. When I reinstall Bisq and run it it asks for the password of my previous install from June. Where is it getting that if I uninstalled it? I even tried installing it without bitcoin core running and it still asks for password. I checked the registry and there are no entries for Bisq. How is it possible that it is looking for the old wallet that no longer exists if I do a fresh install?

Uninstalling is not what I recommended. User data and Bisq folders are separated, so uninstalling does nothing on Bisg user data.
Remove or rename Bisq data folder, which is /home//.local/share/Bisq/ for Linux users, as shown on the link also linked above. Data directory - Bisq Wiki

I did. It still asks for the password of the old wallet.

It’s very strange if you did remove it. Try telling Bisq to open using a different user data with:
/opt/bisq/bin/Bisq --appName=Bisq2