"Create new offer" buttons

I suggest to interchange these two buttons:

  • “Create new offer to sell BTC” button should appear in the “Buy BTC” page.
  • “Create new offer to buy BTC” button should appear in the “Sell BTC” page.

This way, inserting offers would be more user friendly because when you are inserting an offer, you are interested in viewing the list of offers that are similar to yours.

Yes, in the beginning I thought so too. But Manfred convinced me it was right the way it is. Now I agree with him.

Some people will think it’s wrong no matter where you put them. It’s like those images where there’s a young girl and an old woman, and at first some people see only one or the other. So there’s not much point changing it :smiley:

Well you have made a great job anyway: Bitsquare is a great invention. So I can only say “congratulations”. Might be Manfred and you re-think this topic it a little bit more …

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The UI will get improved once we have a dedicated UI dev… too much other stuff to do atm…

There ManfredKarrer, dear cointash, dear everybody,

after thinking about my previous proposal, possibly Manfred and cointash you are right, for simplicity of language of the web site.

Aiming even more simplicity, I have a suggestion that would greatly simplify the language of the website and eliminate many of the doubts that new users have. My suggestion is that the language of Bitsquare is in line with the fact that the base currency is bitcoin. Therefore:

  • “to sell” should only be “to sell for bitcoins”,
  • “to buy” should only be “to buy with bitcoins”,
  • “Seller” should be who sells something for BTC,
  • “Buyer” should be who buys something with BTC,
  • where it says: “Buy BTC” should read: “Sell”,
  • where it says: “Create new order to buy BTC with EUR” should read “Create new order to Sell EUR”,
  • where it says: “Sell BTC” should read: “Buy”,
  • where it says: “Create new order to sell BTC for EUR” should read “Create new order to Buy EUR”.

This way, the whole website would be clearer. Many of the doubts that users have will automatically be dispelled. It would, for example, be very clear that deposits, funds and withdrawals are only in BTC.

I repeat I love Bitsquare anyway.

That’s the thing. In both cases it is about bitcoin. “sell for bitcoins” or “sell bitcoins”, doesn’t really make it simpler, it is just a perception. So we might as well just keep it as it is for people that are already used to it. It would just be inverted, but still just as much about bitcoin as it was before.

I guess it is just about whether you look at bitcoin as a product or as a currency in a traditional sense, since buying in traditional currencies imply that you are giving away your currency, so “Buy” would mean you are selling btc if it was a currency in such sense. However, I assume people still come to bitsquare primarily to trade bitcoin, and not other currencies, so it would make more sense to keep it as it is, but it is objectively still the same thing.

The base idea is that you dont say “I buy EUR with BTC” but you say “I sell BTC” (and pay with EUR). So with BTC BTC is the commodity and Fiat is the money u use to buy/sell the commodity.
With Altcoins unfortunately thats the opposite. You say “I buy ETH” (and pay with BTC) and not “I sell BTC” (and receive ETH).

As Bitsquare started with BTC-Fiat only the Altcoin perspective never made it really well into the UI concept as it was added when the UI was done already. It would need a complete rework and for that there is no time and resources atm.
So for now we have to stick with the concept that BTC is in the center independent if Fiat or Altcoin. When you see “Buy” it always means "Buy BTC"
It is a BTC exchange so you want to buy or sell BTC. The counterpart is then secondary. I tried to mitigate the conflict with Altcoins a bit in the wording but know it is still far away from perfect…

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