Create new sell offer time out

Hi Support.
I was just trying to create a new sell offer for 0.25 bitcoin and the transaction had an error. I filled in the create offer screen and submitted the offer. The timeout error came when I try to confirm the offer. The offer never appeared but now my bitcoins are showing as reserved in offer!!

I was able to submit another offer ok but I have my coins from the first offer missing from my wallet!!!

So In summary the sell offer never was created but my coins are no

The offer was created around 9.45am .


I went to block explorer and examined the address of the first (timeout) sell offer (1KBn6JzYB1X8FZujtEi2RSVby7HQYk68xh).I found in this address to cotain 0.50 bitcoins, an amount of bitcoin from both the first (timeout) sell offer and the second (successful) sell offer !

Now realizing the outcome of this bug I was quickly able to recover my bitcoins by removing the second remaining sell offer (for 0.25 bitcoin) from the market. Then I received the 0.50 bitcoins locked in deposit from reserved funds back to my Bisq wallet.

I am now out of pocket from the fees incurred in this transaction due to this software bug! How will I receover my lost funds?

Also, I wonder what would have happened if I have completed the second sell offer? Would the buyer have received 0.50 coins instead of 0.25 ?? If so, that would have proved to be a very painful and expensive software bug for me to encounter!

When you create an offer the funds stay at your local wallet but are just reserved for the offer on a specific address. After the offer failed that funds become available for the second offer. So that is expected behavior. If you have not seen the correct balance after the first failed offer it is a bug (UI) but the wallet still had your BTC. So the removal of the second offer was not needed. Can you PM me the full logs? In that what you posted I dont see anything strange.

Hi Manfred,

Firstly thanks for your quick response and the great work you do. The first sell offer failed with a prompt and requested me to raise a support ticket and provide the logs, unfortunately when I clicked the button provided my qubes blocks that and I lost t he url also provided. How best do I send you the logs? which logs would you like me to send over?? I myself work in a software company and I do believe this was a bug because the message prompt suggested a ticket should be raised.
kind regards

You can send a PM using this forum, just click on Manfred’s name. I assume Manfred meant the same log that you provided, but full file, not just an extract.

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Ok, thanks, how do I attach a logfile?, i can only see an option to upload image files from the forum editor

You can’t attach a logfile, as far as I know. Just copy/paste it in the message.

the log file is much too large for cut & paste, can I open a support ticket from Bisq and send it that way?

Perhaps, but this is probably the easiest and fastest option. If it is too large, you could email it to Manfred or even use some posting website and then send him the link.

@hop, if this is still an issue for you, please PM me and reference this thread when you do. We’ll get it worked out. Thanks.

And @hop, please reference this thread when you PM me.