Create offer error every time, security deposit taken from account twice

I’ve posted about this topic in two other threads. I’m starting a new thread because I’m not comfortable posting an offer when twice my security deposit is taken out of my account, even though I received an error when creating a sell offer.

Obviously I want my BTC back, but more importantly I’m hesitant to create any offers until this issue is fixed. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this - and that will definitely affect liquidity on the platform.

It might be best that you continue about this issue in this thread then, so devs can look into this case separately. Perhaps you could share the logs or PM them to Manfred for further help on this issue.

I can just say that the security deposits don’t leave your wallet until the offer is taken, so the creation of one shouldn’t be able to take BTC from your wallet and only make an UI issue.

If you can’t use the emergency wallet tool (cmd+e) to send your security deposits to the other wallet, then you can always remove the password from your wallet and export your private keys with cmd+j, just so you know that your funds are safe.

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Nope. When I press Cmd+e the wallet balance is exactly the same. The funds have left my wallet.

Don’t worry, security deposit is still in your wallet, the emergency wallet tool might just be experiencing a bug. As I said, you have access to the private keys, as I said above, you will always be able to use those bitcoins. In it is only the relatively small trading fee that could be lost due to a bug.

I am unfamiliar with the exact error that you got, but if it is like some other users had, then it is being worked on. For now you might only be able to send the logs to Manfred to help him debug the issue, but you are always to export your private keys.

@Keddel, did you get this worked out? If not, please PM me and we’ll sort it out.