Creating a order

Hi all. Is there any documentation of instructions for creating orders? I’ve created a few that aren’t filling and I can’t figure out why. The price seems close enough the the market. I’m also not sure what security deposit to set. Any help much appreciated.

Hi @smpl
Bisq has an alternative network used for tests.
You can play on this sandbox network by switching Bisq to the BTC_DAO_REGTEST mode (Settings/Preferences).
You can also simply type Bisq --baseCurrencyNetwork=BTC_DAO_REGTEST in your CLI.
This needs you to have some testBTC (and testBSQ if you want).
You may just ask for them in the #dao channel on the slack.

Then you can make offers, take some, etc.
(You probably can even make some ping-pong with yourself).

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Maybe there aren’t many users trading that pair at the moment.
It would be good to advertise Bisq in your community if that is the case.

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I’d hoped ETH/BTC would be more popular. Happy to advertise if I believe in the product.

I’d imagine whoever is trading BTC/ETH as other alternatives. Isn’t there a lot of Ethereum DEXes?