Creating Bitsquare Wallet Functionality for PIVX for Liquid / Instant Execution

The PIVX Community has listed 1st under Exchanges in “Resources” for a reason - we want maximum privacy and anonymity as wanted…

What would it take, in terms of Programming, etc. to implement AltCoin Wallets / not just Bitcoin Wallets for Bitsquare? I love the model of Bitsquare, and am an active participant, but without immediate execution for trades, we are not a Liquid exchange.

I am researching putting together a Proposal for PIVX to fund development for Bitsquare to implement PIVX Wallets and make the PIVX/BTC market within Bitsquare immediate and liquid. This obviously would create functionality to make it easier to add other Altcoins as well.

#1 - Is this even possible?
#2 - What would it take? Rewriting the whole program? Could it be implemented with sufficient Decentralization to make it a viable reality?

I appreciate any feedback. I want to make Bitsquare the preferred method of Exchange for Cryptocurrencies and liquid trading is key to making that a reality.