Crypto Bullion (CBX) needs more exchanges!

Thank you for reviewing and adding Crypto Bullion to BitSquare. I am one of the main Devs of CBX: we are going to be using CBX in an ICO pretty soon so there should significant volume in the following weeks.

At this moment CBX is only on 2 exchanges, Cryptopia and Yobit, as Cryptomic is closing down; so this creates the need for more exchanges.

Crypto Bullion main website
CBX bitcointalk thread

again, thank you for reviewing CBX

Another one of the devs from CBX here. CBX is an excellent coin that has stood the test of time, launched in June of 2013. It has excellent fundamentals and an innovative algorithm (PoSP). The only thing missing is exposure.

Thank you for your consideration.

Crypto Bullion is not added. From where do you have the info that it is added?
In the forum you find the info for request to get added.

Sorry, It was my understandng that this thread was the way to get added. Please give me the link to the procedure to be added to BitSquare - all I could find is this thread

Application sent by email through BitSquare’s contact form.