Current Trade Limits for SEPA

How do the current trade limits progress for SEPA transfers?

What is the starting amount and when will the max amount be reached and how much will it be?

for a fiat account created after march 1st, as a btc buyer your limit is 0.01 and not evolving at the moment.

That limit may be somehow lifted in a futur release when proposals of new security measures get implemented.
Here’s what I found: [](http://account-signing mechanism)


Thanks. So you are saying Bisq is nearly unusable for BTC buyers if you want to make a larger transaction?

For now I’d say that that may be a fair assessment. With said, know that the limits are per trade and that you can make as many trades as you want.

Plus, moving forward, unless there’s some change on the fiat payment methods I don’t see LARGE payments per trade being possible with Bisq.