custom theme / custom style (especially for visually handicapped)


I’m visually handicapped and would need a dark style / dark theme and if possible bigger font sizes.

I couldn’t find settings for this in the App/GUI, but in the jar file “desktop-1.1.1-all.jar” there is “/styles/awesome_dark.css”.

Does someone have an idea:

  • How I can activate/use a or this dark theme?

  • Or how I could force the App to use a custom css file/theme?

I have some programming knowledge and could work on this or on a general solution for custom themes if someone could give me an idea.


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Hi @Mike2
In any case, it’s best to post such suggestion as an issue on
even more if you have some programming skills.
Devs and UI devs who may help for such issue are mainly on the github, not so much here.