DAO model pattern for Arbitration

I know that there is a larger scope discussion regarding how BitSquare (as a whole) could be transitioned towards a DAO model, however, I was thinking of an opportunity to automate part of the arbitration process. Specifically automating arbitration for cryptocurrency pairs.

Arbitration for cryptocurrency pair trading seems to be a good place for automation. Since the flow of funds can be individually verified via blockchains with certainty. Additionally, since the process of arbitration has already been determined to reward arbitrators for their work (trading fees and security deposits for dispute resolution), it seems to me to be a good case for a DAO model.

I have thought through a number of architectural patterns that could work but I’ll defer a deeper dive until I can get an idea if there is any interest.

Your feedback?

Thanks for your input. I hope I find next week time to write and publish the whitepaper so then there is a better base for discussions.

The altcoins could be verified automatically if at least 2 or 3 block explorers are available. But it will be engineering effort and the effort must align with the trade volume of an altcoin. But that is on the todo list.