DAO testnet testing

With 0.9.3 the previous issues in the testnet DAO are fixed. Please start again to help us testing the DAO.

It is super important that all Bisq contributors are partizipating in the testnet testing before we go live.

  • If there are serious bugs and we don’t spot them before we go live we risk that BSQ will fail, so all you have earned during phase zero might have no value in that case! Help us to avoid that scenario!
  • With testnet DAO you can learn and try out all features without risking anything. It will help you to understand all important aspects for the Bisq governance. You as a contributor are the key stakeholder in Bisq. With the DAO Bisq is in your hands.

If you had errors in the earlier version (or if you will see any error still) please clean up the old data to get a fresh version again. To do that there is a “Reset DAO state” button in Setting/General/DAO (need to scroll down).

Please do that and see if it resolves the issue. If not please send your zipped testnet db directory (/Bisq/btc_testnet/db/) to me (manfred@bitsquare.io) for debugging.

The next step in that case is to go to the data directory (button to open it is at Account/Backup) and delete manually those files:

  • /Bisq/btc_testnet/db/BlindVoteStore
  • /Bisq/btc_testnet/db/TempProposalStore
  • /Bisq/btc_testnet/db/ProposalStore
  • /Bisq/btc_testnet/db/DaoStateStore

With that all should be cleaned up and you should not get any errors.