Dash as base currency and dash wallet integration

Hi, I am part of the Dash community and I want to know if there is a reasonable way to integrate bisq into the dashcore wallet for example. I have not tried the bisq app yet but… I saw that bisq is working on an http api? … I would love for bisq to be available as an option for buying and selling dash right in the native app. Could we pay to get dash back as a base currency? How much would it cost? Perhaps we could create a proposal to make this happen in the dash DAO…

Especially now when dash is expanding in latin america we need good options for people to get hold of dash via cash or other means.

Thank you!

Dash was already a base currency in Bisq 2 years ago.
The ROI was so bad that this was stopped.

This year, dash has 45 trades on Bisq.
This month, Bisq has 3 dash trades …

First thing would probably to have heavy dash trading on Bisq.
Then, and only then, speaking about base currency could make sense.
But, atm, making an altcoin with 3 trades/month a base currency seems imo completely premature.

Hi Homard, yes I agree with you of course, its a chicken and egg problem … as I understand it to trade dash to fiat for example… that is not possible without making it a base currency? or without going through eg bitcoin? so… that is the reason for doing that… to supply users with the ability to find fiat dealers and get dash through the mobile wallet perhaps ‘2’ trades could be setup… eg. I want to buy dash with btc and btc with fiat… … seems complicated though as that would create a dependency and an extra step… if lets say a team would supply the necessary code to integrate dash as a base currency in github would the bisq team accept that ?

Establishing an altcoin as a base currency is not just about code integration. There is also a network of trusted altcoin nodes to establish, etc.
And also, there is a new protocol which should be implemented in Bisq, allowing trading bananas against oranges. Making the whole concept of base currency obsolete.