Dash as base currency

Please could you confirm Dash is fully supported as a base currency ?
Currently I see offers on the Dash base that I don’t see on the BTC base. Are those 2 different instance running separately?

Thank you.

I can confirm. Yes Dash is fully supported.
Yes, base currencies are running as two different networks.
Offers and trades are unique on each base currency network.

Hello thanks Alex

Do you know why there is no percentage change setting when using Dash as base currency and setting up orders ?
It seems also there is no feed to get an indicative price…

I am not aware of this, I never used Dash before.
@ManfredKarrer could answer this for us when he has some time :slight_smile:

Thanks. @ManfredKarrer please could help me on this ?
I would love to add liquidity on the Dash base currency instance but need to have a “dynamic” price ajustement based on a %

Thanks à lot

Manfred might be a bit busy with the holidays currently, I am sure he will answer you as soon as he can.
Meanwhile, have you checked it is not a bug? If it is a bug maybe restarting the app or PC would help.


Thank you for your answer.
I noticed the following on the Dash base (little rectangle on top)::

  • When selecting DASH/USD the market price provider switch to BitcoinAverage and updates
  • When selecting DASH/ETH the market price provider switch to Poloniex and updates
  • When selecting DASH/BTC the market price provider is “Price of last Bisq Trade” and it obviously doesn’t update in real time