Dash for Africa

Iā€™m involved with dash and me and my team want to promote Dash in Africa, which means we need exchanges that has Dash as a trading pair. Came across bitsquare and your approach is very familiar to us :grinning:
Tried the app, but it looks like I can only trade Dash for BTC - is that correct?
No Dash for cash or vice versa?
IF do - any plan to integrate Dash/cash in the future?
If not - how can we convince you? :wink:

All trading pairs include BTC in bitsquare. You always need BTC to pay a security deposit and trading fees. Integration of altcoins for this purpose would mean a lot of development work and change of protocol.

We are currently looking into options as the Bitcoin tx fees are getting pretty high. I will post as soon there is a clear picture what we can offer.

Thanx Alex
Understand - Good luck with the project. Mamoth task!!
Maybe one day once BTC becomes a shitcoin LOL

BTC is the mother of all (beside the shitcoin Ripple).