Dash trade not showing on app, still there on markets webpage

it looks like DASH trading disappeared from the main application. However old orders still appear here https://market.bitsquare.io/?market=dash_btc

What is happening ?

Btw, thank you for the great app :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like Bitsquare.

I can see DASH in the app. There are two offers in ‘Buy btc’ and none in ‘Sell btc’, meaning you can sell DASH but not buy.

I really like p2p philosophy :smiley:
It’s strange because I checked 2 days ago and did not see it, although trades did happen that day !
Something I don’t get is that the markets webpage still shows old prices and no recent trades :

Is my Internet lagging 3 weeks ?!

Oh it’s not only Dash, it seems the API is down : no trade reported since 24/02
good to know :wink:

It might be there have been no offers at all at that time. Only currencies with active offers show up in the dropdown.

API might be down, I wasn’t aware. Thanks for the heads-up!

I told the dev who is doing the API to have a look.

Thank you ManfredKarrer !

Fixed. Should all be up to date again.

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