Debit/Credit Card Payment Method

Hello Bisq community and the team,

My name is Konstantins Vasilenko, COO at

I’ve recently learned about BISQ and now am testing the platform buying/selling via SEPA bank transfers.

We would be happy to provide a possibility for people to pay for Crypto with Credit/Debit Cards, therefore i’ve several questions:

  1. Do you think people would be interested in such payment method?
  2. How do you see such integration with Bisq? Customer would have to make a payment on our website since we have to perform KYC and Anti Fraud Checks.


The problem with credit card payment, as far as I know, is that it is easy to do a chargeback, so it is not very good for a decentralized exchange such as Bisq.

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What if we as service provider and payment processor can handle such risk? It would be mainly legal entities who would be able to process debit/credit cards and they would have to take full responsibility for any chargebacks.

  1. Yes, specially some newbies to BTC who haven’t thought about risks involving the use of credit cards and scammers who want to take profit on these risks.
  2. Why would someone who installs a decentralized exchange want to go to your website to be gently spied by you and the government?
  1. Well it’s up to people to decide how they want to make a payment. Based on our long market presence i can say that 90% are willing to use their Debit/Credit Cards. These days, with 3DS verification and additional 2FA authorisation it became pretty safe to pay with credit cards as well as it’s pretty easy to open a chargeback if it payment was not authorised by a person.

  2. Well, that’s a good question. I still believe there should be options for people to chose a payment method which is convenient despite the fact that they could sacrifice on privacy. If person is making a fully legal purchase of crypto there is nothing to hide or be afraid of.
    Those people who want to stay fully anonymous can use other payment methods.

If it is easy to open a chargeback as you say, than it might be too risky to add to Bisq.

Bisq generally exists to provide high level of privacy, using centralized exchanges will always be more convenient, but people don’t want to trust any website with their personal information, even when they don’t do KYC.

I have serious doubts that adding this as a payment method would make sense in Bisq.

Well, you are partly right. But as i’ve mentioned before, only a company would be able to process credit card payments, thus company would assume the liability for any chargebacks, it’s up to them to offer such payment method or not.

I’m opening such discussion as i see that we with our 24/7 customer service would be able to help Bisq get more liquidity, more volumes and make it more popular among users since the decentralised part of bisq will not be affected.

Why would someone trust you/company with their fiat private key? (Credit Card number in this case)

Why would someone trust their credit card info making online payments to any other company?

Credit cards do have a charge back.
Debit cards do NOT have charge back. Debit card payments, once signed with PIN, cannot be reverted.