Decentralized exchanges for invest

Hello i have just checked the topics which includes ‘‘decentralized exchanges’’ but no one talks about their cryptos, also there is no token for Bisq.
I would like invest a coin/token for decentralized exchanges.
I’m planing to invest in %1 of all tokens which is in coinmarketcap which makes 13 right now and want one of them which includes decentralized exchange which gets value from it because feeling like decentralized exchanges will be more important this year then last years.

Thanks a lot for reading and please share your thoughts with me. My mind is not clear, there are some exchanges which are saying themselves ‘‘decentralized’’ but actually they are not…

Best Regards.

I don’t know about investing, but there will be Bisq token called BSQ that will be used by the upcoming Bisq DAO.

BSQ will be a colored bitcoin that can be used by the app for fees and will allow holders to vote on issuing of new BSQ to the ones that provide contributions to Bisq.

Currently DAO is in phase zero and we will have to wait and see the details on how will this exactly operate.