Delete a Bisq account [solved]

Hello and good day for you all.
My question is really simple though i cant find an answer online.
How do I delete, erase, destroy a Bis account and wallet?
Thank you so much

It is literally all local, so you delete the bisq application data directory. This will remove access to any funds you have in bisq wallet, make you unable to proceed with any trades in progress, and unable to respond to support cases. So only do it if your wallet is empty and you have no active offers, trades or support cases.

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If you want to remove just one account, go to Account / National currency accounts (if it’s a fiat account), select the account to be removed and press the red “stop” signal at the right.

Thank you so much, found this around :" C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\ "
and it helped me a lot, is now done.