Delete address

After an address has been used I would like to delete it so I won’t use it again. Should be a feature. I think people use Bisq because they don’t want to be tracked.

Its seems me that, when an BTC or BSQ address has been used Bisq doesn’t propose to use it again.

That is correct, Bisq never uses an address that has already been used on its own. If it does, that’s a bug that should be reported on GitHub.

The only place that shows used address that I’m aware of is the “Receive Funds” tab in the “Funds” section. But it’s made very clear that the addresses have already been used. The address shown under “Fund your wallet” is always an unused one.

If by “deleting” you mean “hiding from this list”, that’s not an unreasonable feature request. But it should still be possible to see used addresses for reference purposes, so how about a checkbox that hides used addresses if you check it?

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