Deleting an old account

I created a Bisq account but didn’t buy anything a while back, and when I redownloaded Bisq I couldn’t remember my password or where I had written my seed words so I just decided that I would create a new account, but every time I open up Bisq, I can’t get past the popup asking me for my password or seed words. What should I do to delete my old account and make a new one? I’m on windows 10 running Bisq 1.2.7

Hello. If you don’t have any funds there or anything important, you can close Bisq, go to:

  • Windows 7+: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\

And delete the ‘Bisq’ folder. Restart Bisq and you should have a new folder.

I had tried to find that folder, but I couldn’t until I just c/p that. Thanks.


appdata is sometimes a hidden folder, that might be why you couldn’t find it.