Deposit and product not received

Hello Support,
I have a closed dispute which I opened because I had made a mistake in the post trade process. The arbitrator has resolved and closed the dispute, but both my deposit and my actual purchase have not been received by me. It’s been a few days now but nothing:

Arbitrator: 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion:9999
Offer ID: dtVAkGsr-2152157e-42a6-4fdd-b4c0-a67681adb8b2-071

please let me know if you need any more info. This is a seller that I have transacted with in the past. I would like the funds back and want to continue trading.
Thank you again.

@cbeams should be able to help you out :slight_smile:

The dispute was closed such that the payout transaction would be broadcast by the buyer’s client, but the buyer apparently has not been online since that original closure.

I’ve just re-opened and re-closed the dispute such that the payout tx will be broadcast from your side instead, @Tgreenberg1. It looks like you’re not online at the moment either, though. Please bring your Bisq client online, and you should then see the payout occur as expected.

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Thank you, I’m all sorted now, you have resolved the issue. Curious though, when I try to create a new order on bisq while on VPN there are no arbitrators to choose, but when I log off VPN, Bisq then find my arbitrators to choose. Not sure if the issue is on my end. Has anyone raised anything like this before?

Does it connect to the Internet as it should?
It could be that your Tor traffic has problems, for some reason, going through a VPN.
You could try running a Tor browser through a VPN and see if it gets same kind of issues.

Btw, using Tor over VPN is not that secure. Unlike Tor, VPN relies on trust, which is a very scarce commodity on the Internet nowadays. Bisq uses Tor for all of it’s connections, so using VPN shouldn’t really add anything to your installation, other then the fact that your VPN will know that you are using Tor.

If you are concerned about censorship or don’t want your ISP to know you are using Tor, you can use bridges. Bisq supports adding bridges that should hide the fact that you are connecting to the Tor network.

TOR Browser over vpn is fine. Everything works as it should over VPN, except arbitrator selection, also once a trade is created, there is no issue after using it over VPN, its only when trying to create a new trade, will analyse a little further. I use VPN over TOR sometimes only for different exit points so I can use different TOR nodes. Also anyone can host a TOR node and can always see behavioral patterns ( and this has been known to happen), as such TOR does rely on some trust too. My VPN service provider is based out of the 14 eyes jurisdiction and does some other contingencies at the exit points, but yes hard to tell for sure what data can be logged via the exit points.

Yes, VPN over Tor can be useful. Tor over VPN is not so good in my opinion.
However Bisq never leaves the Tor network, all of these addresses are hidden services, so it never reaches exit nodes.

Could you try going to couple of hidden services over your Tor browser as well?
Just to be sure.

So you can see the offer book fine, it is just that arbitrators disappear?
It says in the right corner that you connected to other peers?
Settings->Network info can show you the list of peers you are connected to and you should have at least a couple.

Ok It seems That I may be having technical issues with my ISP that is causing me even bigger issues. I have to log a new ticket for another trade now.

Which ISP do you use ?
If the question is indiscreete, please just ignore it.